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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How Tos...from other people and The Quilt

I finally finished the quilt. Yep, I owe you the last step in the tutorial, which is binding off the edges. IT WAS SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT!! (But then again, it was pretty easy to execute.)
I owe a big thanks to the bloggers at DIY Dish, who simplified the process while being adorable at the same time.
After I was done, I thought I would try a tutorial that I saw on Angry Chicken. Ok, now I am obsessed with making reusable snack bags. It was soooo easy. Amy of Angry Chicken uses cotton, so that she can throw them in the washer, but I think I am going to try oil cloth later. In any case, CUTE.And here is Soleil, age 3 months. She is so snuggly!

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flora said...

I saw that tutorial on Angry Chicken too and want to make a bunch of those!