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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My poor neglected blog...

I am so happy to be back! I have been reading lots of blogs during this time, trying get ideas of how to decorate the new house.
Here are a few great links I found:

We do not have all of our furniture yet. It is somewhere between St. Louis and here, and hopefully it will be found soon. The kids aren't complaining, as they have all of their toys, but our house is like one open romper room at the moment.

A quiet corner of the kitchen, necessary for my sanity whilst cooking dinner.Tate's shop. This is a temporary version, as the table is borrowed from my dear friend, Jen Shea Thomas.
This was on the wall when we moved in, and it is definitely staying! (I love it.)
Flowers from the garden. The green heart from a dear friend in the UK.And our garage sale pile. In our dining room. Yes, classy. (It grows daily.)

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