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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you have never heard of geocaching, it is kind of a treasure hunt that results in getting your little ones out for fresh air and lots of exercise!  
There are these little containers hidden all over the world (yes, the world!) by other geocachers.  You are given coordinates, map, and clues to find them, and when you do find them, you sign the log and sometimes leave behind a little trinket, taking one if there is one to take.  Other times,  you get additional coordinates that will lead you to another cache, that will result in a log/trinkets.  This is very exciting for a 6 year old little boy.
  We started doing this in England as a way to get out for Sunday walks in the beautiful countryside, and now we have started here as well.  There are so many nearby!!  When everyone needs to just get out, it is a great way to hang out as a family.
(A magnetic cache that was found on the underside of the trash can.)

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