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Monday, September 05, 2011

Random Creating

This is a Nancy Drew book that I saw at the book store. I am inspired to scrapbook like this in the future! I have always loved the style, but didn't know how to start. I may copy this exact layout just to give it a try.
I want this in my living room. Notice the little hammock in the bottom? Paul isn't going for it...
My new iPhone case that I made today. All I need to add is a little snap up on top. This would be a great project for a girl scout troop (since all the kids seem to have cell phones these days!), maybe as easy Christmas present for someone.

From Family Fun Magazine:
I want to make it, not for a pet, but for the kids. They used clear tops of disposable baking containers as sky lights, had windows cut out in the sides, and even a treat shoot on top, made from a cardboard tube. (I think Soleil would go for that if we put goldfish crackers down it!)

Tate's scrapbook page. I helped, but only a little.
And tomorrow, this guy starts school. In a new country. In a new school. Entirely in Spanish.

I am nervous and a little sad. I really miss being at our old school in Bath, UK, and the school run will be very different. (I miss my friends!) Also, after having him home from early June until now, I have gotten used to the routine of both kiddos. I am not ready to let that go.

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