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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Bit Serious

When I started my blog, it was for fun.  It was also secretly a way of communicating with my then estranged sister.  Long story short, she and I eventually reconnected, with her blog comments being a way of reaching out to me.  And then she died unexpectedly.

If you read the earlier posts, they are funnier, more entertaining, even a bit offensive.  However, since she was my audience (I always thought about her as I posted), I realize that those adjectives describe her!  She had that influence on me and, well, I miss it.

I was recently reading my blog and thought BORING.  I feel as though I was a bit of a sell-out, emulating blogs that I love, but it wasn't really me coming through.

So here you have it, folks, a confession.   Here at CupcakesandCoffee, you will find random blathering.  You will find ideas of things I do with the kids. You will find recipes.  (I love to cook, no wait.  I love to eat is more accurate.) And lastly you will find lots of crafty things, many of which I have found on the internet.  Hopefully after today, you will also find more of my voice, instead of the voice I thought I had to be.

I hope to entertain, in a relaxed manner authentically, and hopefully not offend, to open doors, and have a laugh.

Love from Cat.


ursula said...

You are such an awesome writer! Thinking of you!

flora said...

I'm looking forward to your new perspective, Cat.
I'm not sure how I started following or found your blog (or you found me??) but I'm happy to read your musings regularly. cheers!

Lisa said...

Cat, you are an incredible writer..whether it is on Facebook or here, I always finish reading what you've written with a smile on my face...and to think I knew you BACK IN THE DAY... ;) lol... when you become a famous blogger or author one day, I'm planning on telling everyone I know you! Know that you've got a lifelong supporter down here in Florida! XOXO