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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Our Holiday Continues...

Ok.  I was complaining A LOT about the fact that Tate didn't get out for Holiday Break until the 23rd.  I now am happy about it because he gets this entire week off.  We went to the Minneapolis Children's Museum, which I highly recommend for younger kids.  Perfect Day.

And on to a not so perfect day....Yesterday was the first day we had at home after traveling to Michigan to just relax at home.  Initially, I could feel myself wanting to half a bazillion things with the kiddos. (I forgot how limiting naptime is, now that Sunny Sunshine won't sleep in a stroller.)  So, I thought, let's just do ONE thing today that is planned.  Let's make PLAY DOH!!  (I found this link and was inspired.)

SIDENOTE:  If you are bored with kids at home during a break from school, or really any time, get online.  There are SO many great ideas on mommy blogs, especially, that you will be WAITING to do stuff with you kids. I swear, I am so inspired every time I have a moment to surf the web.

Back to the play doh.  Soooo...the day was not going as I had envisioned it.  I had a ton to do, having returned from a 10 day trip.  The play doh wasn't happening.  Finally after dinner, I ignored the dishes (please don't look in the background of the photo), let the baby stay up a bit past her bedtime, and made some flipping Play doh.   

It took about 10 minutes, was totally fun, and worth it.  Yep--totally worth it.

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ursula said...

Had all weekend with nothing to do...why did I not do this with the kids? They would have loved it! Well Ambria would have anyway...