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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thrifting/Charity Shopping

My sister used to call me Bernice...
Bernice was a woman who wandered the streets of my small hometown, looking for soda cans to return (you get 10 cents for each one) and dressed like she was homeless.  I don't think she really was, and as kids, there were lots of rumors and stories about her actually being rich.  In any case, my sister used to call me Bernice because I loved to go to resale/thrift/charity shops and look for cool stuff.  

I love how you can find a one-of-a-kind item.  I love how you are saving that thing from the landfill.  I love someone's old crap.  I really do.  One Saturday, I REALLY needed some time to myself, so I wandered from shop to shop and I found some great things! 


I bought this for $10 and use it almost daily!


Taking a rest in a cute and comfy rocker.

Not my cup of tea, but really good.

And I have been looking for a scalloped cake plate...

The whole outfit was 4 dollars! Can you believe it?

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Anna C Shade Jewelry & Metalwork said...

I believe Bernice may have attended our wedding in Oak Park in Charlotte. Too funny! Great finds!