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Monday, March 05, 2012

Underestimating: a Parenting Lesson

My sweet boy isn't what you call an adventure seeker.  He has always played it safe, and even at 6, seems like he has just started to have a little independence with new experiences.  He also had NO interest in the Nickelodeon theme park that is at the nearby Mall of America.  (That might be from the traumatizing ride on the log ride with Daddy in the past....)  I love my gentle boy.

 All that been said, I wasn't sure how the latest trip to go skiing/snowboarding was going to end up.  I was surprised--he LOVED it!  Not only did he love it, but he even bragged a little about how I fell more often than he did.  I am so proud of him.  (I also learned a little lesson of my own :))

While Paul gave Tate his first ski lesson, Soleil sat in her sled, watching all the people.  We took a cocoa break and she played in the lodge. (I did get one run in, and wow....since I haven't snowboarded since Tate was born, I practically rolled down the hill.)

It was a great day!

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Laura Chin said...

Wow, all that snow!! Alexis always fell asleep when I put her in a sled lol