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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Schwartz Summer Camp: Home Week

I am loving summer!  For some reason, it has been easier to get things done around the house and have lots of time for playing, with 2 kids home instead of just one.  Soleil is definitely much happier with her brother around all day to play with.  

I themed out each week of "Schwartz Summer Camp", and really, we haven't even gotten to all of the ideas that I had on my list.  (Thanks Pinterest!)  Let's not kid...I'm way tired at the end of the day but it is a good tired.

 Reading time happens spontaneously every day at some point.  Though here, Soleil just burrowed herself under the books instead of actually reading them.

Baking Bread.  She is quite confident about her bread making skills!  There was sooo much flour on the floor.

While I made dinner, Tate had some TV time while Soleil played with her giant pile of toys.  I used the mess as an opportunity to sort through it all (and hide some toys) and reorganize.  

Soleil outside our front door, just relaxing.  There is a ridiculous number of chipmunks in our yard for her to watch.  This morning we even saw a woodpecker, working away at the tree right in front.  (Which is way better than the side of the house he was working on last summer.)

A happy baby playing in the rain.  
 And to warm up after the rain, they took a warm bubble bath with glow sticks.  This photo is with the flash...
 This is what the actual bath looked like.  This was Tate's idea, and a very good one, I might add!

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