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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Schwartz Summer Camp: Science Week

Monday was awesome.  I pulled everything that was science related out of Tate's toy baskets, and put it in Soleil's little "shop".  I also pulled out all the science-y books from every corner of the house and put them out on a fuzzy blanket.  I was able to drink soooo much coffee that morning!

When the baby went down for her nap, Tate and I started the science experiments.

1.GIANT SOAP-- Take wax paper and put in your microwave. Microwave bar of Ivory Soap. (Don't worry it won't explode!)

2. BALLOON FUN-- Put vinegar in soda bottle. Put baking soda in unblown up balloon. Secure balloon on to mouth of soda bottle and the balloon will blow up from the gas from the vinegar+baking soda.


4. DIET COKE + MENTOS--explosive fun. (Use a piece of paper to put entire roll of MINT mentos in a diet coke. It goes way up into the air. The park might be a good place to do this one!) 

5. SLIME-- pva/white glue and borax. Here is recipe. We leave out the glow in the dark paint, because I couldn't find it. slime link:

The slime wasn't as exciting for Tate, but I thought it was super cool.  It is just like the slime that you buy!
We repeated the Diet Coke geyser because it was fun.  The kids were excited to get sprayed down by the hose afterwards.

We also went to the Children's Museum on Tuesday.  The plan was to go to the Science Museum, but I thought it would be easier with Soleil in the Children's Museum.

We couldn't get this stuffed otter away from her....

Thursday, was dino day.  (Repeat of Monday, but all the dinosaur stuff.)  This wasn't as exciting for them.   It was rainy and stormy and hot most of the day, so as all this planning sounded great, but we ended up parked in front of The Disney Channel in the afternoon.  We watched "Good Luck Charlie" for the first time, and we LOVED it.  It really appeals to adults as well as kiddos.

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flora said...

What a great idea! I bet that kept them entertained!

I love the little basket/market shelf. I'm looking for one of those! Where did you get it?