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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Project 9: Homemade Envelopes

I'm cheating.  I have made these for many years, but was re-inspired when I started to receive the holiday catalogs in the mail.  (Anyone else get TWO Pottery Barn catalogs on the same day??) Many of the pages are beautiful and I had to reuse them.

You can buy a plastic template or take apart an existing envelope and trace it, but really I actually prefer to make them without the template because it is easier.  To do this,  you:

1.  Fold the edges on the longest sides in about an inch

2.  Fold the top part of the page into a triangle, by folding in the sides. This is your closing flap.

3.  From the bottom of the page, fold up a third of the way to make the envelope part, and fold the triangle flap down on top.  Easy Peasy!

 4.  Now tape the sides together, and use to tape at the flap once you have put a letter inside.  Small mailing labels work great for the address.
(Here is the front of the envelope.)



Gerri said...

What a fantastic idea!! Noah could help me with this...
You are so creative. ;) xxO

flora said...

I used to make a ton of these when I was a teenager!

Thanks for continuing to read my blog and checking in. My shop is:

take care and happy holidays!