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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project 10: Felt Ornament

This is super easy, and barely needs a tutorial.  My friend, Maddy, and I planned this out and almost finished it before Soleil's nap was over!  Design whatever you want, draw a template on heavy paper, cut it out, trace it on felt, and sew it together.  Make sure to sew a ribbon to it to hang your ornament up.  (If you don't add a ribbon, it can be a toy.  My kids like them either way.)

A few designs.  (This is a fun activity in a waiting room.

Template we drew and cut out of magazine paper.  
It is nice and thick and readily available in my house. 

 Our bird.  
Sew the decorative details on first, then sew the 2 sides together and stuff.  
We did this all by hand, because you can sew it in front of the tv :) 

**There might be a small delay in the next blogpost, as I am in Michigan, donating my kidney to my dad.  I am hoping that I will recover quickly and be able to keep to my project 52 timeline:) 

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Gerri said...

Adorable and something I might be able to actually do. ;)