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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring has Sprung! Project 19: Felt Bunnies

I feel it right around the corner!  I love the seasons and doing things differently for each season, as suggested by my friend, Bella.  Firstly, I needed a bathroom update.  Soleil and I went to Homegoods and pretended we were on a HGTV show, and got everything we needed to change the bathroom into a spa.
 While we were there, I found this amazing Amy Tangerine ribbon collection!
Paul needed some quiet time this weekend to handle some important business, so I took the kids to the Minnesota Arboretum to get out of the house.  The temperatures were not that bad (above 32F!), and they were featuring Fairy Houses and Maple Syrup tapping, and we were dressed for the weather.  Tate just loved launching himself into the giant piles of melting snow.

....And Project 19:  Felt Bunnies!  I can't stop.  Version #1:  Find Bunny template online, cut out, stuff, and sew together, by hand or by machine.  Version #2: Needle felt little bunny shapes.  Google it.  It is soooo easy, and perfect for one if you have been just exhausted lately with moving plans, and buying houses, and etc etc etc.  

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Gerri said...

Love that you girls went shopping and picked out things together!! The ribbon colors are too cute! xxO