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Monday, September 02, 2013

Last Day of Summer Vacation 2013

We have had fun, and really, I don't want it to end.  But tomorrow, Tate goes back to school.  It is a new school for him, and it is just a few blocks away.  I am ready for the routine, and to meet new people, but I am used to having Tate with us daily. 

We've done a few projects this weekend that the kids loved. 
Firstly, I put out a set of watercolor paints for each kid, a spray bottle, good brushes, watercolor paper, and salt.  The salt leaves a really cool texture when you put it on the paint when it is still wet.  It absorbs a bit of the color, leaving behind beautiful patterns.  

I bought Model Magic for the first time, (Michaels had a deal!) and we pulled out all of the playdoh toys to use with it.  I couldn't stop squishing it!

Soleil will have a hard time when Tate goes back to school.  She does every holiday break, and she asks and asks for him.  I got a few things for her, and have them in her backpack for morning.  Also (not pictured) I found every book we own about school and put it in a little basket for her.
 I set out what I could to make breakfast easier.

We boiled eggs in the steamer (it works great!) for morning.  I would say for the week, but Tate goes through about 3 eggs in a sitting.

I hung garland in the main living area for the kids to see when they come to breakfast in the morning.

And lastly, I took the time to program my Keurig, probably the most important task!

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Bella said...

Yes! Let the coffee be ready when you wake up!
Your home is looking beautiful & cozy. Summer's end is bittersweet. I hope this new school year brings Tate (and you) and abundance of new friends. xo