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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Command Center

My Command Center.  I did not create this term--my little brother, Andy, gets credit for the title.  My mom has a place in her house that is where she sits with her coffee and her computer, a blanket, a dog or 2, and settles in.  He calls it her Command Center. I have one of those places as well, and the red couch is it.

I start my day here, and usually end it here, too.  I plan things, plan to create things, drink coffee, facebook, email, and sometimes even just sit and listen to music.

My favorite "Command Center" activity: drinking coffee. 

I leave my pile of magazines in this spot, and use it to rip out inspiration.  I write down or "pin" new recipes here, and review my week's itinerary.  It is one of my favorite spots in the house.
Where is your "Command Center"??
A recent magazine article that inspired me.


Laura Chin said...

My command center is a cushy blue chair in our living room. Easy access to the computer, close table space for my tea, books, and random things. Plus, when I'm sitting forward to type, Daniel likes to crawl in the back.

Bella said...

Hello beautiful! I love that you picked the red couch. So you!
My place is at my dining room table next the the window. I do all my computer stuff here, drink coffee, talk on the phone, etc.

Joe said...

My Command Center is on the double recliner couch near the TV. I can play xbox or use the computer using the same screen. The dogs love to cuddle next to me but usually lay on my mouse...

Mona said...

From the Chin Command Center, I am enjoying your post as I just finished one of my own. Everyone needs a special little spot in the world that is all their own!

Gerri said...

I love yours. I need one!!