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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I love my Library

Better than any reality show... 

And before you think I read just hoity toity stuff, this is what I read right beforehand.  (And I am waiting for the sequel at the library.

On Certain Fridays, the library has LEGO CLUB.  It is like Happy Hour for kids.  Afterschool, they dump out this giant container of legos in their meeting room, and the kids play until 5pm.  The parents can actually visit a bit as well, as our library isn't exactly one of those silent types.  I love quiet, but when everyone else is in that "Friday Festive Mood", I don't mind the chatter.

I also was able to teach a little face painting class to the children's librarian and several other volunteers.  It was so fun!! I practiced the night before to think of how to teach best.  Paul came up to find me with full face paint at 10pm. 
And this is my library friend, D'jon painted as a leopard.  The best part is that she happened to wear a leopard colored yellow scarf that day, and wore her paint home, while riding her bike!


Elizabeth said...

It is so cool that you got to do that! I havent been to the library in years...I probably should go! But I read the whole L.A. Candy series! I have a review on my blog! :)

Love Always,

Alyssa said...

Cat, this is amazing! I had no idea you were such a face paint aficionado! (should have known.)

Gerri said...

I LOVE the face painting and libraries. :)