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Friday, July 25, 2014

NYC-Niagara Falls-Michigan

 Lady Liberty

 My Grandma's apartment building when she lived in NYC.

 A boy & his baguette.

 NYC Public Library.  In his element.

My sweet Bella, who drove in just to have brunch with us!

Books & Games--perfect for my kiddos.

  On to Canada...

  Finally to our destination.
 Our baby bamboo, from our dear friends, The Miravites, made the trip.  
It helped make our new house cozy.

"Slowly but surely" has been our unpacking motto. 
Our only "finished" room, aside from the purple paint that Tate is requesting we change. 


ursula said...

Love the windows in his room. Im so excited for you all!

Bella said...

What a trip! The house is beautiful... those tiles! I love them. Glad you made an adventure of the trip and that I got to see you all. xoxox

Gerri said...

What great images, Cat. I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful vacation en route to Michigan. Hope to see you very soon! xxO