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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Squam Fall 2014 in Photos

My words and thoughts from Squam are in my previous post.  Here are the photos, that tell a better story.  Let me add, this was a photography centered Squam and I am not a photographer.  I went because of friends attending, and frankly, because it was a better time of year for me to travel.   Not only did I LOVE my classes (multimedia and make your own perfume!), but I learned from my photographer friends.  It was a wonderful time and I returned knowing myself better, feeling fully restored.  It isn't the classes, it is the people and the magic that happens when people, some even strangers, come together with an open heart.

On to the photos...
Our Loft!  ("Jewelry Designer Loft" on airbnb in Providence)
The best secret!  Amazing friend, Ladonna,  came to Squam as a surprise.
Ready to create.
My dearest, Gerri.  
A break for treats at Ellie's Bakery!
The sweet, Xanthe, photographed me.
This was a learning moment... I was so uncomfy, and I had to ask myself internally "why?".  Just going through this made me relax, not be so hard on myself, and vow to just go with it the next time someone asks to photo me.    
Surprise photos on my phone:) 
I love this girl.  Amy Gretchen on one of our many walks through Providence.
LD and Xanthe focusing on the photography.  
Ramen!  A-MA-ZING. (at Ken's Ramen) 
At the amazing Providence Perfume Co.  
The owner has created with her life's passion, and you can tell is every detail of her shop.
New Friends!  The gorgeous Anita and I hit it off the moment we met. 
My absolute favorite model and dear friend, Bella.

Lovely evenings of tea and candles and heart to hearts.
Amy G and Xanthe comparing notes.  I loved learning from these ladies.
Getting Henna.  
A Special Moment.
At Peace.  


Bella said...

This trip was big for you in so many ways.
You are so beautiful, inside and out.
Love you

Gerri said...

Amazing shots love... They took right back to those moments! Love you lots!!

LaDonna Davis said...

I LOVE all of these pics! Ahhh...what an amazing time at Squam. I was so happy to attend. Love u.