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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Moment...

I've just returned from Squam in the City.  I'm still processing...
Lots of things spinning in my head, but here is a little list of the main things brewing to the top.

1.  Good connections are to be treasured.  If you don't find them where you are, look elsewhere.  There are kindred spirits out there, and when you find them, it will change your life.
2.  Be authentic.  No, really.  Look at yourself REALLY and then stay true to that.  Like in a yoga class when you are only measuring your own progress, and you don't see the yogi next to you and the 75 year old man on the other side of you.  Everyone is on their own path, and if you stick to that=happiness.
3.  Relax.  About everything.
4.  Take Quiet Time when you need it.
5.  View every walk like a photo walk.  Suddenly, the walk to school becomes magical.
6.  Check in with others.  It can be motivating AND inspiring AND comforting.
7.  Avoid those who stay in the negative, and just remove yourself from that.
8.  Play.  (This is dedicated to my dear friend, Gerri!)
9.  Seeing people in person is WAY better than through phone or computer.
10.  Spend more time creating, less about thinking or planning about creating.

Photos to come...


Bella said...

Yes. To all of these.

Gerri said...

Yes and yes, right on the money baby!