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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When you don't know how to be creative

Recently, I went to this amazing art space in Pontiac, MI with my one of my dearest, Gerri.  I had every craft supply at my disposal, and had absolutely ZERO crafting mojo within me.  One reason, was that I wanted to chat and catch up with my friend, and some times I have to get deep into "the zone" to start a new creation.

I walked over, took this sunshine sign off that wall, and started to copy the illustration.  It was a wonderful exercise, as it allowed me to relax, chat, and create. 

Another dear friend, Kat K, had spoken to me months ago about doing a "study" on art techniques.  In that same conversation, she used one of my favorite quotes: "I am allowing myself to suck right now".

Being an artist isn't always about making great things, it is about not forcing things.  I highly encourage taking another piece of art/craft that someone else has made, and copy it, to learn from it.
(Don't sell, steal or pass off as your own, mind you, but use it as a study:) 


Gerri said...

Love that quote!! It was so fun being together. I can't wait till the end of the month!!! xxO

Rhiannon Cahours said...

What a cheerful sun -- so needed in this bitter cold we have right now!

I came over to say hello and thank you for your comment yesterday. <3 And so nice to know another local friend!

catherine chin schwartz said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rhiannon!! Have a lovely, and sunny day!!