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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meal Planning--I'm trying again!

I've spoken many times, (in conversations, on Facebook, and on this blog) about how Meal Planning helps my life out in a huge way, when I TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT.  Yet, for some reason, I do it once, and then go back to my bad habits of waiting until the last minute, which leads to take-out or the kids having pasta way too often.

This month, I was inspired by someone on my Facebook who seriously took on "Once A Month Meals".  The idea behind this, is that you cook for ALL DAY, prep and prepare a ridiculous amount of food, making it easy for you to feed your family for the entire month.  This woman kept posting photos of her progress, getting me more and more excited with each photo.  (Ok, the clean up photo was daunting, but the pay off seems worth it!)

My kids are picky.  BUT, I thought that this is worth a try in some form to do at my casa.  Instead of once a month, though, I have been trying this out for the week, and then a little extra.  It works wonderfully.

Things that work great:
1.  Fruit Salads using Bonne Maman Jars
2.  Lettuce Chopped up and put in Quart (wide) Mason Jars
3.  Pasta Meat-cooked, seasoned, frozen in bags
4.  Chicken Pot Pie*
5.  Pork Chops prepped for Crock Pot (in freezer bags)
6.  Veggies for Pot Roast/Roasted Chicken (in freezer bags)
7.  Breakfast Burritos (Egg, Bean and Potato)
8.  Bean Burritos
9.  Taco Meat (half turkey/half beef)
10.  Meatballs

*This was a favorite amongst those who ate it.  (That would not be my children, as they hate any sort of gravy.)

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