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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Fashion 2015

I was sitting in the car wash waiting room, and saw the Spring InStyle from across the room.  I was so excited!! I can't wait to be inspired to dress for a new season.  I took a few photos of things I saw, and it got me mentally planning my wardrobe for the warmer months.  (Plus, with the SURPRISE visit to FL in a month or so, I get to try a few things out early.) 
Love these braids for sweaty days!

Flower Belt?  Yes, Please.  
One of my March Outfits.  I'm sooo excited!
And this one... I was cracking up laughing.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  How do you change position?  What happens to those flowers when you walk?  If you are interested, they have it in both long and short lengths.  Bahahahahahahaha!
Also inspired by the fashion, Miss S decided to put together this get-up one morning... 
And lastly, I was inspired to go through all of her clothes and organize them for now, as well as for the spring.  We have a HUGE pile for the consignment store!  Now.... if I could only be as inspired to tackle my own closet.  

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