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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I should.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about the need to take a break.

Let's back up.
I remember when I used to say I needed a break when I was younger (20s). Back then,  the reality was, that I slept in until late on the weekends, binge watched hours of Real World (and whatever else was on Mtv), and rarely cooked for myself.  I had a lot of time.

Now in my 40s, with a husband and 2 kids, I need a freaking break.
But I don't make an effort to take one when I need one.

Aren't we all better when we have taken care of ourselves?  
Who is the invisible person MAKING us keep going?
Are we creating "busy"?

Ok, yes.  I have to feed my kids and watch them.  And I like a clean house.   However, just like anything that is important, you have to make time for these restorative breaks.  I was practicing piano last week, on the only day I CHOSE to take the time.  And it felt like a gift.  It was a reminder to make that time for me, to remember who I am, to center.

The things that I like to do to feel rejuvenated are these:
-get on pinterest
-make a craft, scrapbook. sew, etc etc etc
-have a cup of joe, declare "Mommy's having her coffee!  Please give me 20 minutes to finish my cup of coffee!"  (And the kids KNOW.)
-update my planner (with stickers and washi and pens)
-play a Bigfish game on my computer
-read a magazine
-listen to music

I'd love to hear what you do.  I want to hear as a reminder to yourself to take that break, and a reminder to myself to do the same.

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Laura Chin said...

so, I'm working three jobs and two kids at the moment. Since I can make my own schedule for one job, the draw is there to work as much as possible. I have to be deliberate to take the time I need to relax my brain and body. I schedule it! Even if it's just taking a break to close my eyes in my car in between shifts.