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Sunday, October 29, 2006

End of Weekend Notes

1. I have a love/hate relationship with my Swiffer. Does it really clean the floor? No, but in a pinch, it sure smells like it does after you use it.

2. Dark Chocolate Mint Ice Cream from Cold stone Creamery--HEAVEN! thin mints in ice cream form.

3. Baby Halloween Party=exhaustion. I'll post pics later.

4. Changing the clocks sucks. Baby schedules are not compatible with this practice...

5. Tate's Quilt--I started making it when he was 6 weeks old. IT IS STILL NOT FINISHED. Hopefully, I can give it to him before summer so he gets some use out of it.

6. Paul is living it up in Orlando and WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO FILL MY TIME WHILE HE IS GONE??? The best part? He might be deploying in the near future and I get to ask myself that question for months instead of days.

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Baby Connor said...

I have two Swiffer's but for some reason nothing works to make my floors look or smell clean. That's why I am in love with Febreeze. Spray the house with it and everybody will think that you did a spring cleaning, I can even fool the husband with it LOL

For how long is Paul in Orlando? Steve has been gone for over one week and I can't wait for him to come home. I love my son but spending 24/7 can be very exhausting.