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Friday, October 13, 2006

Trip Recovery

I recently returned from visiting my parents in Michigan, where it was a little chillier than St. Louis. Thank goodness we returned before MI got all the snow! We went to the Cider Mill (which is sadly not as nice as it has been in the past), to Andy's game, and Catie and I redecorated her room and made cupcakes for her birthday.

Of course, whenever I go home, I need about a week to recover. For some reason, we always get sick after travelling. Tate and I have been staying home and I have been trying to get the hosue clean. I always want to do that after returning from a trip.

Here's a description of the pics:
1. My mom at the cider mill with Josie, the family chihuahua in front of the "No Pets" sign. LOL!
2. Tate playing with Josie.
3. Me with my little brother, Mikey.
4. Me with my dad as we started "Operation Cupcake". (That was the 2nd time that weekend we made cupcakes for Catie's Bday.)
5. In the last picture posted, we are at the high school football stadium. That night, Tater Snot surprised me, and for the first time EVER he fell asleep while we were at Andy's game. It was cold and he was snuggled in under the big Michigan blanket nursing, and before I knew it, he was out! It was great--Paul and I could stay for most of the game.

**Today's blog is dedicated to our family lab, Sadie, who was put to sleep this weekend after a struggle with Diabetes. Rest in Peace, Girl.

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Baby Connor said...

Poor Sadie, it must be real tough on you and your family...