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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vitamin C is yummy

Have you ever eaten so much citrus fruit that your mouth burns from the acid? I have, and so have most kids who grew up in South Florida who can grab a tangerine or orange on the way to the busstop...

I just finished chowing this huge GRAPEFRUIT, which made me think of all of this.

You know you are getting old when it no longer tastes bitter, but really really yummy. It makes me think back when I was little and we used the grapefruits off the tree to throw at each other as we played "War". They were great sticky, juicy bombs. The best ones were the rotting ones that had a split somewhere in the middle. Now, I feel bad to have wasted all that wonderfulness on trying to hit a sibling or neighborhood kid. They are so good!

I also am slightly ashamed that I never discovered the yumminess that is a mango until I was an adult. We never ate the mangoes off the tree that was next to the busstop, for reasons I will not mention, but my sister knows. Shameful!! They are my favorite fruit now and I could have eaten all I wanted off of "Christy's" tree. (Christy was the dog that lived there.)

A warning, though, on eating lots of citrus: we had a friend/enemy/neighborhood bully that used to eat lemons with salt on them. After several years, she had worn off all the enamel on her teeth, reducing them to the size of tic tacs in the front. Karma! Hee hee!


Karen said...

Do you remember the time when Leslie and I went down to the mean neighbors house and stole his oranges and learned that afternoon how to peel all the peels off in one try, then went back and hung the empty complete peel back on the tree? HAHAHAHHAH
He was so mean! yeah and the whole Mango issue, shame shame on us!!

Jim Hall said...

I bet while living in Florida, you girls caught gators and brought them home for your Dad to BBQ. Does gator really taste like chicken? Noting like fresh citrus and gator for dinner. It doesn't get any better than that.

Mona said...

We did eat some Gator, but none that we caught, although Joe ran into a few on the golf course!

And for the girls information their father did not share their "prejudice" on Mangos, but loved them. By the way, I am very glad I didnt know all the lovely things you did as children.

Mona said...
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