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Monday, February 05, 2007

Surprise Cruise Midnight Buffet!

Paul will be out of town for Valentine's Day. For this reason, I planned a surprise for him on Friday. He loves food. He also loved the 2 cruises we went on before we had Tate. We were reminiscing one night, and it gave me the idea to turn the basement into:


Of course, it was 5pm when we ate, but he loved it. First, Tate helping make the carmel brownies:

The bar with the food and the photo collage of our cruise pics:

The sand filled pool (there was sand EVERYWHERE) and the lounge area. Sabrina (our cat) is trying it out for us:


Jim Hall said...

Why didn't Uncle Jim get a ticket for the cruise? I also love to eat. But, we had a Super Bowl feast at your Dad's last night and it was great. Plus, I didn't have to drive for 8 hours to your house.

ursula said...

You are the best wife...I hope Paul realizes that! Looks fun!

Baby Connor said...

You are so creative!!!!It looks great and I bet you had a great time!