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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things that melt my heart

I have been playing my flute for Tate for awhile...mostly when we have played with every single one of his toys, have no other place to go, and mealtime is a long time away. He now is BRINGING me my flute case, sits on the floor and waits. It is amazing to me. I usually play irish tunes, and other stuff that simple and other easy toe-tapping stuff.

As great as it is, there are times, like when he is naked and just got out of the tub, that a concert is not ideal. Crying and whining occur when I tell him no... And even funnier, is that this picture was snapped when he brought the case to Paul because I wasn't home.


Jim Hall said...

So, did Paul play Tate a little tune?

Mona said...

It makes me think of how I played the piano to amuse you would climb up on the bench and wait for me. That's why you had lessons at the age of 4!

Laura Chin said...

That is so sweet!
What did paul play him? :)

Karen said...

I about cried when I saw that. You might aggravate me sometimes, but you are the best mom.

Anne Thompson said...

Hi I found your site off of Elsies'. That is really cute that he likes to hear you play. I can't wait to get a piano again so i can teach my girls to play! Oh and your V-day cards were super cute! Anne