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Friday, March 09, 2007

Iowa Reflections

I am typing from my computer tent, which is my quilt over my head and laptop so Stinky will go to sleep. As I type, Paul is at the local Japanese Steakhouse for a rehearsal dinner of his friends, Weylon and Amber.

Exciting tidbits from today (besides the Super Target trip...)
1. Watching "Arthur"cartoon, the head lice episode.
(I'm still itching my head)

2. Eating at a catmeat, 3rd rate chinese buffet in the middle of Iowa.
(Have to admit, I was just satisfied to be able eat w/ chopsticks. Tate WOLFED down his lo mein. The kid won't eat a burger, but will scarf the lo mein.)

3. This is NOT a cute, new Kenneth Cole shoe kind of place. Should have worn some boots or something.

4. I love Paul, ok even adore him at times, but OH MY GOODNESS HOW DID WE EVER END UP MARRIED????


Karen said...

#1: My head itches now so thanks
#2: Catmeat?? And scarfing Lo Mein, the kid IS chinese, Duh.
#3: Who is Kenneth Cole?
:4: And your least question:
I've asked myself that very question...more than once. (Not Paul. but talking about me....LMAO)

Karen said...

I meant your LAST *question*. Oops :)

Laura Chin said...

What's 'super' target?

Baby Connor said...

#4: That's what Demi Moore asks herself when she visits Kutcher's family in Iowa... hehe

Jim Hall said...

Laura beat me to the punch. What is a 'Super' Target and did Tate eat with chop sticks?

Laura Chin said...

Alexis loves using chopsticks, we have little chopstick helpers for her. (Gram likes them too) hehe

Mona said...

Next time you go to Iowa, take the mentality of "When in Rome....."

You get the picture, don't you?
Take jeans, boots, pack a BIG cooler with plenty of CATHY HAPPY FOOD.

We could plan this forever!

Laura Chin said...

BTW, Alexis is a lo mein fanatic as well. It must be genetic...

Mirabel said...

Interesting to know.