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Friday, March 02, 2007


Al Bundy? Paul? Nope--it's Tate in Sesame watching mode. And to answer Paul's question, No, I did not stage this picture!
Check out his "Bling"... "Master T, mini-rapper". (He had a necklace of mine on while coloring.)
These pics are a few weeks old, but it is Friday and I am lazy, so here you go. On Fridays, I feel like it is a holiday and I always am very lazy. I get why it was always "Pizza Day" in our house growing up for dinner!


Karen said...

HAHAHAHHA!! Nice Bling Tate!!
I woke up before you did!! LMAO
I did indeed mark that one on the calendar!!

Mona said...

I love hearing the memories you have of childhood. Didn't realize I was so predictable...but Friday at our house is still a "carry out" night, often pizza! Not a bad habit after a long week.