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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Diapers are Expensive!

Since we live in a place without a washer and dryer, I stopped using cloth diapers for the time being. I cannot believe how many diapers you go through...AND THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!
How do less fortunate people do it?
Also, the groceries are more expensive around here, too. I am going be trying to plan meals ahead of time to keep the food budget down. When the Kashi was $4.59 a box, I about flipped.


Laura Chin said...

I've noticed most grocery prices are the same wherever, but Meijer seems to have more lower priced options. I fed 3 adults and 1 child on $25 a week at one point, you can do it!

Mona said...

With all the treats at our house, you guys can't be too hungry! Heck, you could live on our leftovers and live for free the way your Dad cooks!