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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Fun

Things we have been up to this month:
On Fridays, Tate and I check out the local garage sales. WOW! The stuff we found for super cheap! Tate found this little push car for 50 cents that he has not been able to stop playing with. The buttons didn't work, but 50 CENTS! My dad was trying to get them to work, but the toy had obviously been in the rain one day too many...

My niece, Catie's dog had puppies a few weeks ago. They are so cute! They are half chihuahua and half rat terrier and they looked like baby hamsters when they were born. Tate is just starting to enjoy them, now that they play and wag their tails.

We hang out on my parents' back porch while the adults talk and Tate plays and does laps around the pool table. He also loves to lob the pool balls across the table.

One other fun thing that I am doing when Tate goes to bed, is scrapbooking. I recently purchased an Art Journal Kit from some really creative ladies that put fun things like this together.

They give you ideas and post challenges so that you aren't sitting there with a pile of art supplies in front of you with a blank stare on your face, wondering what in the frick to do. I'm excited to start my journal!

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