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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paul's Adventures

While Paul is away, he decided to cut his own hair. Yea... a haircut is only 7 DOLLARS where he is located!!!

Here is the room where Paul is staying. He got permission from someone to cut the bunk in half, since he was on the top bunk and was not sleeping well because he was afraid to wake the guy below him. Most people wouldn't care about the normal sleep noise from above, considering the conditions, but his roomie is the same guy who tried to give away the TV the first day Paul got there and then gave him a lecture about always using headphones to watch the TV once Paul saved it.

Here is Paul at a bazaar, looking adorable as ever. Most other pictures of him eating :) I'll post a group of those later.


ursula said...

That is too funny...leave it to Paul to try and save $7! I have not found size 7 diapers, although...size 6 cruisers fit Avery really well the last 3 months, and he is 47lbs. So...worth a shot! Love all the pics and news on your blog...keep it up!

Sarah said...

hi paul!!! nice hair...