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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blog Party Challenge

Elsie Flannigan is hosting a BlogParty today on her website:

One of her challenges is to list "34 things to do before I am 35"...or whatever age you are.

Here are mine:
1. Bake a 3 tier weddingcake (but for another holiday, decorated for that holiday)
2. Go to Northern California and visit all my friends.
3. Have a babysitter for a full night for Tate and go out with Paul.
4. Return to my yoga class.
5. Go snowboarding.
6. Bake a decent loaf of bread from scratch.
7. Wean Tate.
8. Wean Tate off TV.
9. Make something worth giving away.
10. Go camping w/Tate and Paul.
11. Become a better home decorator.
12. Dress to feed my soul, not impress others.
13. Buy a really cute bag--not for carrying sippy cups.
14. Go out more with girlfriends.
15. Decide on whether or not to have a second baby.
16. Make at least one big change that is more environmentally friendly in my household.
17. Play my flute more often.

OK--I can't think of anymore, but will add as I come up with them!


tams said...

Your list is great!
I enjoyed reading it,
oh and love your art journal!

Laura Chin said...

You have made stuff worth giving away Cat! Everyone loves the album you made when Daniel was coming:) It was a fantastic gift!

Mona said...

I love the albums you have made me! Now, I accept the challenge and I am going to try to make MY list.