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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Can't wait for the Fall Issues of Fashion Mags... I cheated and bought an August Vogue to satisfy me until then.

2. I feel so mature when I read most Vogue articles. In my early 20s I only had the attention span for the clothes ads.

3. Missing Cloth Diapers--they really DO cause less diaper rash. (Using disposable since temp home doesn't have washer and dryer).

4. Wondering what the weird smell in kitchen is...(trash is clean).

5. Baby just stripped down to his diaper while dancing.

6. Coveting BIG designer BAGS like the scrawny models carry. I'd be fine with Target version.

7. I want to successfully bake homemade bread. First attempt w/ niece, Catie, FAILED. We are trying a baguette next.

8. Magic Eraser is the best domestic thing ever, while Press and Seal is the devil. Oh, so is the Swiffer...


ursula said...

I love press and seal! I love your random thoughts. Miss you so much! Need a good friend to chat with.

Cat said...

I can't figure out which side of the Press and Seal to use...Sticky side in or out when you wrap a sandwich?