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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blog Absence

We went to MI for a surprise trip. My little brother was in the state wrestling tournament--they came in 2nd. Then, we got sick. Today Tate is snuggled in the couch with his bowl of dry cereal and lots of tv. I am so tired of the tv, but I need him to lay down. He sounds like a little 2 yr old froggy.
We will be in PJs all day.


Natalie said...

Being sick is no fun. Hope everyone feels better soon. :)

Lisa said...

aw.. I'm so sorry you guys got sick, poor little fella stuck on the couch all day, not fun. I hope all is well soon :)

Laura Chin said...

awww little two year old froggies are so cute sounding, but ya sure hate them to be sick!!