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Friday, February 22, 2008

Travel Scrapbooking

I am in the process of organizing my scrap stuff and preparing for 2 scrap events in the next few months. Got any ideas on making it easier to transport my stuff from scrap area to event??

The big challenge is ribbon. In the past I have stored it in an embroidery box, then I used ziplocs arranged by color, and I am admiring the clothespins with the ribbon wrapped around, thrown into a big fishbowl. But then how do I travel with it??

A few things I found online:

Got any suggestions? Not just ribbon, but any travel-with-scrap stuff ideas?


Lisa said...

I've got this organization cart that has tons of pockets and compartments (got it from Costco) and I bought some cropper hoppers to sort my papers to put in it and it has a pocket for most of my stuff.. and the ribbon.. well I just throw it all in a ziploc and go :) I'd try getting one of those organization pieces that roll like luggage.. my best advise :)

ursula said... do you come up with all these awesome ideas? I so want to come and stay with you so I can get some crafty tips!

Natalie said...

What kind of scrapbooking events are you going to? I find that the less stuff I bring, the more creative I am. It forces me to create with what I have, and it inspires me to use up my stash. :)