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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fashion, Feeding, Fun

FASHION- I realize when I became a mama, I thought "Oh cool! I can wear fun casual wear without having to impress a client or a boss!" You would think I would run with it, but instead, my wardrobe has become MORE boring and just plain functional. (I'm sure the extra 10 lbs on my frame has NOTHING to do with it. wink, wink.)

This Spring, I hope to change that. With a move coming up, I have an excuse to purge everything in my closet that I don't love. Any "fashion covets" that you have on your list for Spring??

FEEDING- Our friend, Jen, sent us a spring kit, complete with critter corn and birdseed. Every morning, we are outside even before coffee and I am really enjoying this new ritual.

FUN- Heading to Earth Day Festival today in St. Louis. We always have a blast and are inspired in new ways to help the planet in our everyday living.

Speaking of fun, here are some pics from CKC Scrapbook Convention:

Have a great day!!!


Jim Hall said...

Those little critters are really cute when they come around to eat the food you left for them. Seed for the birds, corn for the squirrels. Then you also get the unwanted critters. Read my blog and you'll see what I mean. Be sure and guard my Ott's from your furry outdoor friends. They may figure out how to twist off the cap.

Uncle Jim

Natalie said...

Hey! loved catching up on your blog. Sounds like you've been having fun. Hows everything going for the big move? You excited? Keep us posted!

ursula said...

You look great! I can't believe you think you look like a dumpy Mom! Whatever!