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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My to-do list shot to H*%#

8a--What are we going to do today?
1. Breakfast
2. MTV Yoga Tape

3. Laundry

4. Make Soap

1pm-What was I thinking????

1. Breakfast took about an hour, mainly because Tate wanted to eat on the deck. It was fun, I'll admit.

2. When I put the DVD in, Tate just yelled "Backyardigans! Backyardigans!" and wanted nothing to do with yoga. He later used the yoga mat as his magic carpet...or train carpet, whatever.
3. Got one load in. That's it. It isn't even dry.
4. Soap Making--was fun for the first 5 minutes. It then was a disaster that ended up with my saying LOUDLY, "Lower your voice!" Yep--total parenting hypocrite. We do have few cute soaps that we ended up with though.
**As I was cleaning up the soap mess, I heard typing, but knew that Tate was on the deck right outside the kitchen. THIS is what I found when I went into the family room. Yep--Tate typing on the keyboard and ALL the computer stuff carefully turned toward the window!! (no--he doesn't know how to type for real yet. Hee Hee!)


Jim Hall said...

So it's Tate that's sending me all of that 'Questionable Material'? I thought that it might have been coming from Maj. Paul.

ursula said...

What a little sneaky boy! They tend to do that...I see he was doing some chatting. Cute!