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Friday, April 18, 2008

TAG overdue!

I was tagged by Lisa awhile ago...with the upcoming move, I'm just getting around to it:

1. Link to the person who tagged you - Done

2. Post the rules - Done

3. Share 6 non-important habits/quirks about yourself:
*Room must be clean before I scrap, but I don't mind messy once I am creating (Probably the only time I don't mind messy!)
*Habit--cuticle biting when tired
*I can put something off FOREVER, but if it gets put on my "to-do" list, for some magical reason, it gets done that day.
*Must close shower curtain after shower
*I have to eat Pot Roast with tortillas.
*I love tv, but I try to minimize it for Tate.
Yea, I know, I am a total hypocrite.

4. Tag 3 other people: I'm a passive tagger...if you read this consider yourself tagged if you want to participate :)


Lisa said...

tortillas with pot roast? I bet it's good :) Thanks for playing along! I like the new blog header btw.. so sweet! He's adorable :)

Anonymous said...
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Jim Hall said...

When Aunt Deb and I were at your parents one night when we were still young people and you were a baby, she went on a rant about me eating 'Mustard Sandwiches'. Nothing with it, just bread w/mustard. And you know what? Even though my fridge is stocked, my freezer is full and I can afford some 'Filler' to put between the bread, I still eat 'Mustard Sandwiches'. Not all the time, but I do get into what I call a Mustard Sandwich Mood. Try it, it's really not bad. Also, potato chips dipped in ketchup with a little horseradish. Like a shrimp sauce. Superb!