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Thursday, June 19, 2008

No room at the Inn!

I really want to add pics, because just words on a blog are boring! I, however, have Paul's work computer and unable to add anything off our camera...

So, yes, we are still in the US. Long story short, some butthead on base messed up our visas. The last few days have sucked, with at least one day where we seriously didn't know where we were going to stay at 4pm! All hotels were booked and we only had 5 days allotted to us anyway, even though it was the USAFs mistake. Big thank yous to all of our friends and the numerous offers for housing, even though we were toting along a VERY cranky 2 yr old who was wondering where all his stuff was.

Good News: We are leaving Sunday and we are now in a hotel.


Lisa said...

Cranky 2yr old? Hello! I would have been cranky myself.. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly. :)

Leslie said...

Oh no, Cat! That's terrible! :( Nothing worse than being stuck in a small space without your stuff and cranky kids. I'd have to drug mine...hehehhe :) Good luck...I hope the rest of the move goes much more smoothly!