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Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's been up?

1. Decided on Monday at 4pm to drive to MI to drop off our unsold jeep (8.5 hr drive). Departed at 6pm. Flew back to StL on Thursday.
2. Visas not here yet! Can't leave until 27th instead of 18th as planned.
3. House is mostly empty. Movers to pick up last things (our 2 wk shipment) on Monday.
4. Do I really have to wait 2 months to scrap/create again?
5. Enjoying computer time while Tate watches a show next to me. TV weaning will start after the move! (along with potty training!)

**I took some pics of my layouts from my video that I will post later today.


Natalie said...

I know how you feel. I've gone 3 months without scrapping. It feels weird. And refreshing too. Our stuff hasn't arrived yet (so angering!) but once it does it will feel so good to create. Good luck with the move!

Mona said...

LOL!!! You are REALLY going to try to POTTY TRAIN during this disaster move??? You poor girl! Mom's advice...At least wait until Tate knows that the potty is in the same place for 2 days in a row!