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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greenwich, Crafts and Cookies

This weekend we took a Boat Tour on the Thames from Westminster to in the Greenwich Meridian. We went to the outdoor market there where I promptly buried my pack lunch in my bag in exchange for an awesome freshly made falafel.

We also found this unique game store of both the vintage and current variety.
Who doesn't love the feel of running your hand through a bunch of marbles??
My friend, Ladonna, and I went to a Craft Fair in the Somerset House. "Craft Fair" is a misleading title, considering the high end, extremely detailed works of art that we saw. They also had an interactive exhibit in the middle where you wrote your thoughts on gifting on a ribbon and added it to this huge structure.

I had to end the weekend by making these. I was inspired to try a new recipe. I tried the Williams-Sonoma sugar cookie recipe that uses cream cheese. OK tasting, but not as good as my standard recipe. The cookies keep their shape very well, which I guess is the trade off.

I'll post both recipes later, as I am too lazy to walk downstairs right now!


Paula Clare said...

OH HOW FUN! I am SO jealous of all you're getting to see and do! I hope you took some pictures of the toy shoppe?!?! I will look for them! HUGS! (Are your ATCs in the mail?)

alittlebitofscrap said...

Looks like loads of fun! and the cookies look fantastic!!