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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I love OCT 08

1. The smell of homemade refried beans in my kitchen.

2. Roasting Pumpkin Seeds after Carving Pumpkins.

3. Having your kid put himself down for nap.

4. Cozy fall weather and that it gets dark early.

5. Playing online games with your family while you are far away from each other. (Mobster on myspace)

6. Finally feeling like a trip on the Tube (The Underground Subway) isn't a completely exhausting event.

What are you loving right now??


alittlebitofscrap said...

I like your new blog header! Those cookies look delicious! :)

smilemonsters said...

Hi! I'm your swap partner for MommyHolly's Christmas swap. I just did a "things I love" post yesterday. I guess great minds think alike uh?!


Debbie said...

Cat those cookies look so yummy!!!!
Isn't it always wonderful when you find them sleeping like that or about too.

Cat go by my blog and see what I have for you, please enjoy!



Debbie said...

Hi again, I am glad you enjoyed reading things about me. I will have to look, I should have some pics around here somewhere of things that I have grown and canned.

Yes I am doing MommyHolly's Swap.

Can't wait to read yours tomorrow.