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Monday, October 27, 2008

What's in your Purse?

Inspired by Elsie's blog, I emptied my purse and this is what you will find.
1. My bag--got it at Portabella Market for 2 pounds. I plan on embroidering something colorful on it at some point in the future.
2. Umbrella--always needed on even the sunniest day.
3. Chopsticks--Just purchased this weekend in Chinatown. I had 2 mismatched ones before and Tate borrowed them as drumsticks.
4. Pink Phone--coverage sucks, but I can't part with its cuteness.
5. Pink Wallet
6. Indestructable Target Sunglasses
7. Pink iPod
8. Little Notebook-Directions, Inspiration, phone numbers, etc
9. Puffs-for Tate's snotty little nose
10. Water-another essential'd be surprised how thirsty you get walking everywhere.
11. Ziploc Bag with Extra Tate clothes
12. Gum
13. Hand Sanitizer
14. Lipglosses and Aquafor

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