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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Flowers, Snow and Hearts

These are the dresses that I bought at the Market this weekend. I was mentally planning for warmer weather.I was even ready to plant seeds in the garden...but Mother Nature had other plans! This is very rare for London.
Even though I was ready for Spring, I didn't mind. In fact, I LOVED IT!! Everyone seems to love the snow. On our street, we had about 6 snowmen. Here are a few. There were a few other snowmen with carrots and potatoes put in humorous places.

And we made the freezer paper Painted T Shirts from SouleMama's book "Creative Family". They turned out really cute.

If you have a 3 year old, a few suggestions.
1. Cut out the template before you start the project.
2. Have it all ready to go, freezer paper adhered, and then have them sponge paint the design.
3. Let them paint (or draw with fabric marker) around the design before you take freezer paper off. This leaves the design nice, even though their doodles are all around it.
4. Wear painting clothes!!


alittlebitofscrap said...

I love the bit about the painting, very amusing :) They're cute too.

Your dresses are pretty, and you were seriously thinking about Spring already? I'm so jealous! It was snowing here today on my way into work at -3F, craziness!

Natalie said...

i love dresses. always a great find!
i did hear about the snow. i'm a little jealous. i miss snow. you sound like you're really adjusting well to london. it looks like fun over there!

ursula said...

The t-shirts look fun. I would totally cheat and just buy fabric paint...which I may do for Avery, cause there are no Valentine's Day shirts for little boys :)