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Monday, February 09, 2009

Rainy Day...again.

So it's raining again....I know, big surprise, it's London.

A list of things to do with a kid (age 3) when it is rainy and cold.
1. Go to Ikea. Cheap Meatballs, Kid area, lots of space to run around, and 35p ice cream. The train ride to get there is half the fun

2. Sock/Balloon/Washcloth in Hamper Basketball

3. Marble Shaving Cream Painting..then cut into hearts.

4. Hide and Seek. Either with yourselves or a favorite toy/doll.

5. Bake.

7. Sidewalk Chalk on Kitchen Floor. Then mop, because you know it probably needs to be done anyway!

8. Painting in the shower.
9. Go to the Mall. Similar to #1, but not as fun.

10. Clean, and have little one help. For instance, get all your dusting done and give them a cloth. Wash dishes and give them a bowl of water, some plastic cups and a washcloth. Sweep or vacuum and put all the dining room chairs in "choo-choo train formation". This only buys you a few moments, but hey, you get a few things done.

11. Put on boots and coats and go out in it, if even for a minute.

12. Sort different kinds of macaroni, beans, etc into muffin tins. We do this with small 3D scrapbook supplies as well.


Laura Chin said...

great ideas!! I forgot about the shaving cream painting, I think that's going to be an activity this week:)

alittlebitofscrap said...

It all sounds like fun to me, especially Ikea.. we don't have one here.