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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Stuff- fashion, food, craft and kid AGAIN


Brooks Brothers Non Iron Shirt-AMAZING. My friend, Katie, introduced me to these. Now on first thought, I'm like Brooks Brothers? Really? A tad too conservative for me and the prices are high. But this shirt is worth every cent! Reading these: We are in love with Nick Butterworth's stories about a Park Keeper named Percy and his animal friends. We stumbled upon one when lived in the states, but didn't know he had a TON of books in the UK not easily available in the US. I want to go to Borders and buy every one.

Made calzones for dinner last night and they were AWESOME. I have been trying pizza dough recipes for awhile and this is my new fave. Roll the dough out thin and it works perfectly:

Tribeca Yummy Mummy's Whole Wheat Calzone/Pizza

Other things we have been making:


Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat!
LOVE your new banner and layout! Are you FELTING things now? I saw the heart in this post and then the little nest the bird is sitting way cool is that?

I LOVE the Brooks Brothers...or at least visiting the store! Of course you've been to Harrod's by now...incredible array of goodies there.

So does the UK feel like home yet? You and Tate seem able to create no matter where you are! I'm jealous!


Kate said...

I second those Brooks Brothers emotions:) and I love that sweet felted heart...just lovely:)

alittlebitofscrap said...

Cute Easter Eggs.. it looks like so much fun :)

Mona said...

I just knew you would make beautiful creations from the felting stuff! LOVE the heart! I can hardly wait to see the things you make. I just want to run and buy you all kinds of stuff at the yarn store!