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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heading to the States

We'll be gone for about a month.

* 8 hrs in a plane with a child. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! FUN.

* Eating Fig Newtons for lunch, because I don't want to clean the kitchen again before I leave.

*I've been in London for a year, and it does feel like home by now. I'll miss it.

*But I am excited to shop with much more affordable dollars, than pounds! Target--here I come.


Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat! Will you have time/space for a get together with me and Deb? Maybe a day of ATC making? We can meet at Archiver's in Fairview Heights...will you be over that way at all? DO let us know! YAY! Can't wait!

Laura Chin said...

YAY!! I can't wait to see you all!

alittlebitofscrap said...

I hope you have a very fun trip! Love Target :)

Janet F said...

Have a fab trip, hopefully we can meet when you get back xx

Vee said...

hope you are having a great time! :)