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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obsessed by a Quilt

Ok, I don't REALLY know how to quilt. My mom helped me make one for Tate from the scraps she had leftover from mine, and she held my hand the entire time. And my little snuggle bug has stolen every quilt in the house into the his "nest". His "nest" being his crib (yes, he is almost 4) that he refuses to give up for a big boy bed.

I want to make another quilt, because you can really use quilts in England. Almost all year round.

But I don't have a sewing machine.

So, I was like "they made quilts a bazillion years ago without sewing machines. I can do this". AND I love the idea of a scrap quilt. Of a blankie to be loved made out of old clothes and scraps that no one wants anymore.

I pulled out my all my fabric scraps
and then, Tate said "mama lets go in the charity shop!". And I found the perfect thing for the back of a quilt.

Super soft, good quality cotton. Duvet cover, 3 POUNDS!

Not sure how, but I have the beginning pieces. I was inspired by THIS BOOK, which took the mystery out of it all by basically suggesting that, to make a quilt, you just sew piece A to piece B and you can do it by just using a needle and thread. It makes it seem oh-so-simple....


Jenny Fowler said...

I must say that I love your new banner - it has been a while for sure! I love the green birdy with sequins!! Just one question - are you hugging trees in London or just wishing you were hugging them here? :)

Janet F said...


This looks like such a fun idea, will look forward to seeing the finished project. I have a son who will be 4 in October, may out 2 can meet at Laura's one day for a play :)

Janet xx